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Students who want to join ArcTrain Canada must apply to both a PhD program offered in one of the academic units of our faculty members (see the full list here) AND to the ArcTrain program. Although not a degree-granting program, ArcTrain Canada has academic requirements that must be fulfilled by graduate students, in addition to those required by their regular PhD programs.


                  Year 1                  Year 2                  Year 3
Annual Training Workshop I Annual Training Workshop II Annual Training Workshop III
Soft skills: Data management
and good scientific practice
Soft skills: Science
communication workshop
Soft skills: Stakeholder
Soft skills: Project management Soft skills: Video production  
  International conference I International conference II
  Floating university  

                          <---- Arctic Seminar and elective courses during the three years ---->


The ArcTrain promotional video entitled "The Labrador experience" can be watched here



ArcTrain Canada comprises 9 Canadian partner institutions:

UQAM Memorial University of Newfoundland University of Alberta
ArcTrain is an international training program in collaboration with: